Frequently Asked Question's

The card says Out Of Stock?

With 32 native languages in our store and not knowing which cards will be in greatest demand, we've taken an estimate on stock levels. Send me an email if the card you want appears to be out of stock and I will check our incoming deliveries to see if more are on route.

We don't stock a particular language?

Dohhhh! This was bound to happen. Firstly, I am very sorry. Secondly, please let me know. This business has been built on listening to our multicultural friends share that they too have experienced the same issues we have faced with finding gifts in Portuguese. So if you'd like to see your native language added to our future collections then please, we want to hear from you (and I might just recruit you to be the translator)

When are the next lot of Cards coming?

Please follow us on Instagram @kangarooandkite to hear when our next collection is coming online. It can be a bit of a ghost town on our socials but if I've got anything exciting to share, that'll be the place you can find out!

    If there are any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on email or via DM on Instagram.