Welcome to the Kangaroo & Kite Family

Our Story

Just over a year ago Gus, Romeo and I welcomed a precious little girl in to our family. She was a dream we'd shared years earlier, choosing us as her parents when we least expected it. 

During the lead up to her birth, we would often talk in great detail about our own childhoods. The way we did certain things, where and how our families lived, what we ate as kids, how different our cultures and communities were. I'm not bilingual like Gus, so at home we spoke in English but speaking in Portuguese was (and obviously still is) really important to him, so we'd learnt a couple of phrases here and there. Gus would often say he wanted to get a tattoo on his wrist to remind him to speak in Portuguese when Lua arrived so she too would be bilingual. After many conversations about this, he had decided that tattoo should be of a kite. 

In Brazil as a kid, he'd grown up flying kites on the roof on their home (I expect that you're both loving this story and having a small panic attack). He'd make the kite from bamboo and then tie pieces of smashed glass to the string to cut other kites up there! This is not even a joke. 

Meanwhile here in Australia, in a little wheatbelt town of WA I was raised in a big house with lots of siblings. We played cricket down the corridor it was so long, spent our summers hooning around the farm on 6 wheel motorbikes and our winters picking mushrooms in the paddocks. There wasn't a day where we weren't helping an emu hatch, filling up the laundry sink to teach the ducks how to swim or laying in the sunshine with our two beloved kangaroos.

With half of our family in Brazil, the distance felt like it had doubled when we could no longer travel nor have family come here due to Covid restrictions. It was especially difficult to share the celebration of our daughters arrival. I looked for little gifts to bridge the gap, trying to be sentimental yet compassionate to the sadness. I struggled to find anything in Portuguese and resolved to hand making a shirt that boasted Papai on the sleeve. I was truly stunned to learn that I couldn't locally find multilingual cards, kids books or gifts, though I am happy to tell you that I've since found Portuguese kids books here in Perth!

And so was born this family business. An idea that for those living here in Australia, calling it their second home, we could provide beautifully curated multilingual cards in many native languages (and hopefully in the future gifts as well) to bring families and cultures from afar back together. 

Picture is from Lua's birthday, little monkey is wondering what on earth is wrong with us all 😜 Welcome to the madness sweetheart, Feliz aniversário!