Hey! So you got my letter? Snail mail still works 😜

I love being a little creative with how I approach new collaborations, and sending out a bunch of Wholesale Catalogues straight off the bat wasn't really how I wanted to roll.

We are fast preparing for Father's Day (already 🙈 ) which is why I sent you those particular samples, if you would like to see our whole range it would be my pleasure to email you the Wholesale Catalogue (just fill in the form details below!)

If you do want to stock our cards, our flat lay photos that you see on the site are available for you to use on any of your marketing platforms.

This wholesale page is only visible if you use the QR code (it's a hidden page and you're practically a VIP), so if you get lost on the site you can scan the code again to come back here or in the search bar type Wholesale. 

I'm excited to hear from you, feel free to email if you have any questions!

x Aleca